Metal Roofing

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At Shinn Roofing, we make sure that you can choose from a wide selection of roofing materials to fit the appearance of your property and how much you’re looking to spend. Metal roofing is one of the most popular choices for residential and commercial roofing projects. Shinn Roofing is Licensed, Insured, and ready to install a metal roof for your property. Read below to find out more about why metal roofing is such a great choice for homes and businesses.


There are many great reasons to consider replacing your old shingle roof with a new metal roof. Metal roofing materials last years longer than many traditional materials, and require little upkeep or maintenance. Since metal roof materials come in large sheets as opposed to small shingles, they go up quickly, which saves you money on installation costs. Metal roofs are also quite durable, and unmatched when it comes to fire & wind resistance. They also reflect the heat from the hot San Antonio sun, making it an energy-efficient option. At Shinn Roofing, we would rather see profits go to your roof than our pockets. If your roof costs $10,000, it costs $10,000 regardless of who you choose. The difference is how much of this money is actually being allocated to your roof. That’s the main difference with Shinn Roofing. Obviously we are in the business of making money, but we are not greedy; we truly believe in taking care of customers. We are from San Antonio and respect and love its people. Call us today to schedule your estimate.

These days, metal roofing material comes in a variety of beautiful designs and colors. We can help you choose a style to match the aesthetic of your home and neighborhood. A metal roof can increase your property value, in addition to adding beauty & durability to your home or business.

Find out more about the benefits and cost of this material by contacting the team at Shinn Roofing today!